Reorganize or Rebuild Indexes

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This script remedy index fragmentation by reorganizing or rebuilding an index.

Small tables, small indexes, low fragmentation, we do not care, and keep simple & easy

We are talking about the guidance which is:
•if a table has less than 10000 rows, to do nothing
•if an index has less than 1000 pages, to do nothing
•if the index has:
    less than 5% logical fragmentation, to do nothing
    between 5% and 30% logical fragmentation, reorganize it
    more than 30% logical fragmentation, rebuild it
• New FILLFACTOR = 98%

Why do we fix something we do not need it?
We should start to delete unused indexes if it is possible: [see Unused indexes]
•Unused index, delete it, when :
    - Nonclustered indexes
    - Non-primary keys
    - Non unique
    - Non-unused  (#Total read < 100 and #total write > 1000 )
    - Hypothetical Index.


Alternative solutions:
1. We can buy an application for index monitoring and analysis.
2. We can change the configuration. ex: MIXED_PAGE_ALLOCATION
3. We can create better indexes.
4. We can use this nice solution of Michelle Ufford []



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